Preparation time Preparation time 45'
Number of portions Number of portions 1
Fish Fish Baltic Salmon
Dish category Dish category Dinner


  1. Baltic cod fillet, one for each portion
  2. rice pasta
  3. light soy sauce
  4. oyster or fish sauce
  5. teriyaki sauce
  6. garlic
  7. marinated ginger

Salmon with rice noodles, wakame algae salad and blanched pak choi

Łosoś z makaronem ryżowym, sałatką z glonów wakame i blanszowaną kapustą pak choi


Mix the ingredients for the marinade: light soy sauce, oyster sauce (or fish sauce), teriyaki sauce, garlic, pickled ginger. Dip the salmon pieces in the prepared marinade, skin side up. Leave it for 30 min.


Fry the fish in a hot frying pan, skin side up. Then fry for a while on the other side. The meat inside will be soft, juicy and bright pink.

Reduce the marinade to reduce the heat.

Reduce the marinade in the pan to a thick sauce for pouring over the fish.

Sides: soya, rice or other noodles - cook noodles according to packet instructions. Blanched pak choi in a pan after the salmon and reduced sauce.


Recipe by Gosia Kurek, check out my blog "Gohfitfan".

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