Preparation time Preparation time 20'
Number of portions Number of portions 1
Fish Fish Baltic Herring
Dish category Dish category Dinner


  1. 6 raw herring fillets
  2. half a glass of ready-made tempura mix
  3. half a glass of water
  4. 2 ice cubes
  5. a glass of oil
  6. lemon
  7. a glass of couscous (+ hot water)
  8. a glass of cherry tomatoes
  9. 200 g of canned chickpeas
  10. a red onion
  11. 1 cucumber
  12. a big pinch of parsley
  13. juice from a whole lemon
  14. 10-15 spoonfuls of olive oil
  15. salt, pepper

Herring tempura with light couscous salad

Śledź w tempurze i lekka sałatka kuskus


Pour boiling water over the couscous (there should be a little more water than the couscous) and wait until the couscous has absorbed all of it.

Into the couscous add tomatoes cut into quarters, canned chickpeas, parsley, diced cucumber, lemon juice, oil and spices. Mix everything well and put it into a nice bowl.


Wipe the herring with a paper towel. Gently salt them.


Heat the oil in a pot or pan with a higher rim.

In a bowl combine the mixture for tempura with water, add ice cubes. The prerequisite for a good tempura is a low mixture temperature and a high oil temperature.

Cover the herring flaps in the batter and fry until lightly browned on each side.

Put the fried herring for a moment on a paper towel, then add whole slices of it on top of the salad.


Recipe by Joanna Matyjek. Visit the blog "Odczaruj Gary".

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