Naturally Baltic Label

Fish marked with Naturalnie Bałtyckie logo is a guarantee of high quality. These are fish that are made wild and natural by the sea. Thanks to the passion and work of people for whom the Baltic Sea is love, these fish are caught with respect for the resources and with care not to disturb the natural balance. They are caught and prepared according to the highest quality standards and in the most environmentally friendly way.

The proximity of the Baltic Sea resources has made it a natural source of high quality fish for all those living along its shores for hundreds of years. Fish caught in the Baltic Sea do not travel thousands of kilometres before they reach our tables. It is also an expression of concern for the environment and reducing unnecessary pollution associated with, for example, transport. It is worth paying attention to this when choosing products that go into our homes and on our tables.

A diet rich in fish is a guarantee of well-being and vitality. That is why Mediterranean and Scandinavian cuisines are so popular and recommended. Baltic fish have values and are appreciated in all European countries, but still underestimated in Poland. And yet, in our sea there live cods - rich in iodine, selenium and vitamin B12, herrings, which contain numerous vitamins (e.g. E, D, B group) and iron, wild salmon - the best source of omega-3 acids and vitamins (A and D) and many species of other fish considered delicacies and rarities for many years, e.g. turbot and beluga - both species highly valued by cooks and gourmets. This variety allows for healthy eating and kitchen experiments at the same time. Sea fish have a unique set of nutritional values. In our climate zone, it is particularly important that fatty fish are one of the few products naturally rich in vitamin D, whose deficiency is a problem for most Poles. Meanwhile, vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and teeth, as well as for smoothly functioning muscles and a strong immune system.

By choosing fish caught in harmony with nature you can be sure that the highest quality products will be served to your table. This is guaranteed by the Naturalnie Bałtyckie brand. This is our Baltic sincerity

Fish is also said to be a recipe for love. The Scots claim that herring smoked in oak smoke is a strong aphrodisiac. If you are interested in dishes, not only for herring, we invite you to visit our website with recipes.


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