How to select fish for an occasion

There are many types of fish – and each one is worth trying. However, if this is the beginning of your adventure with fish, here are some tips on which species to start with and on what occasion.

Fish snacks for a party

If you are preparing a party, reach for the herring first. It will be perfect, because it is easy to divide into small pieces. In addition, there are endless ways to prepare it. Traditionally - in oil, vinegar or cream. Sweet - with apple or dried plums and nuts. Oriental - in curry or with cranberries and ginger. Not to mention spicy herrings, Kashubian style, with dried tomatoes... There is a lot of room for experimentation.

If you are a traditionalist and cannot imagine a party without mayonnaise salad, add some sprats. Sprat will go well with eggs, potatoes, and vegetables. It will also go well in the form of a paste with cottage cheese and tomatoes.

Fish for dinner

When you think of dinner, it is worth stocking up on cod. This fish has delicate, sweetish taste, thanks to which it fits to many dishes.

Cod can be served with an addition of a sauce, such as lemon, beet greens or sun-dried tomatoes. It will also taste great roasted with vegetables, fried in bacon or as an ingredient of the popular Greek style fish. Lovers of oriental flavours can use it to prepare dishes inspired by Indian curry, Malaysian laksa or Thai broths. It will also work well in making meatballs or chops..

Or maybe we want to recall a classic from vacations at the sea, that is, fried fish? Then cod will also come in handy, but roach or flounder will also work great.

Fish for fine dining

When planning a special evening, bet on sole – one of the most noble fish with a very delicate taste.

The sole can be sautéed and then combined with spinach, gorgonzola and almonds or, if you prefer a more dietary version, baked with vegetables. This fish is also perfect as an ingredient of risotto.

However, if we want to make a special impression on our guests, let's combine salt with seafood. There are many ways, and with help come recipes from southern Europe: zuppa di pesce (Italian fish soup), roasted sole with mussels or prepared in white wine with shrimp.


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