Fish likes to move. On a diet for active people

Białko uznawane za najważniejszy makroskładnik w diecie ludzi aktywnych powinno być uzupełniane przede wszystkim ze źródeł zwierzęcych. Ryby dostarczają nie tylko protein, są również cennym źródłem wartościowych kwasów tłuszczowych.

Dania z ryb mogą stanowić doskonały element diety, gdy chcemy  zredukować tkankę tłuszczową.


Protein rich

Contains easily digestible protein  -& nbsp; for fish protein digestibility is up to 97 percent. This is due to low collagen content and trace amounts of elastin. Fish products are the best source of protein among animal products, with 13-24 percent protein in fresh fish meat. The INQ index (Index Nutritional Quality -& nbsp; expresses the extent to which the consumed product, while covering human energy needs, at the same time satisfies the demand for a specific nutrient) for the group of fish and fish products is 7.61, which is higher than for eggs and twice as high as for meat and dairy products.

The amino acid composition of fish meat protein is very favourable from a nutritional point of view, even in technologically processed fish. This is because fish meat undergoes rapid and short processing at high temperatures. As a result, it contains all the essential amino acids in quantities even exceeding the recommendations of the World Health Organisation.

Good fat from fish

A characteristic feature of marine fish meat is that the amount of fat compared to protein is usually twice as high. It occurs in the ratio of 20 g of protein to 40 g of fat. It is very important that it is primarily fat rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It is recommended for every "athlete", as well as for people who do not do sports. Fatty acids from the omega-3 family have anti-inflammatory effects and inhibit the formation of free radicals. DHA and EPA fatty acids can be supplied practically only from fish. EPA and DHA favour the prophylactic effect in the case of arterial hypertension, have a favourable influence on the work of the brain, improve general health condition.

Fish for busy people

The whole secret of the health-promoting properties of fish lies in its proper preparation -& nbsp; we should not deep-fry it in a batter. You should definitely choose baking, boiling or grilling. Additives in the form of Chips, potatoes, flour and breadcrumbs should be replaced with groats or rice and plenty of vegetables. And to bring out and enhance the taste of fish, use lemon juice or herbs such as parsley, basil or thyme.

Fish is also an ideal meal for people who are short on time -& nbsp;& nbsp; a fish dish can be prepared in less than 15 minutes!


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