Differences between farmed and caught fish

When buying fish, we are faced with a choice: farmed or caught? The decision we make can affect our health.

Wild-caught fish usually taste better and have a higher content of valuable nutrients. This is due to the conditions in which fish are raised in aquacultures. Intensive growth, unnatural diet and lack of exercise cause farmed fish to contain much less nutrients. The exception is ASC green-certified farms, which are independently inspected.

When it comes to caught fish, it is worth checking where it comes from and whether it was caught responsibly. It is best to choose fish from local waters, such as the Baltic Sea. This way we can support the local community, reduce the need for transportation and we can be more sure that the fish are fresh.

It is also worth ensuring that the products we buy come from sustainable fisheries, i.e. those that do not lead to overfishing. This is assured by the blue MSC label and the navy blue NATURALNIE BAŁTYCKIE logo.


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