Baltic trout on a slice of wholemeal bread and in leeks

We end our journey in Skåne, a picturesque region of Sweden, where Wit met Ola and Peter. Their fairytale-like home has become a place of a unique meeting, honored by a dinner prepared on the backyard hearth (see the episode:

After returning to Poland, Wit tried to recreate the atmosphere of this meeting in one of his dishes. Check how he managed ...


- 300 g sea trout fillet, skin on,
- 1 leek, washed and cut (only the white parts) into 2 cm thick pieces ...
- ... or two young leeks,
- 1 onion, peeled,
- 1 whole spring onions,
- 3 tablespoons of butter,
- 250-300 ml of wine,
- a thick slice of wholemeal bread,
- salt and pepper.


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