Episode 5. "Around the Baltic, by the shore - Kolobrzeg"

At the sea is like in life: one time it's sunny, other time it rains. And that's what it's all about, to make things interesting and varied. A local product that has many uses? Yes, you will find it here! The old gastronomic gospel says that you can recognize a cook by his soups... let us see. As a cook, I focus on the ingredients and their origins, but this time I saw "something" larger. On a larger scale, so to speak. So welcome! Welcome to the fifth episode of my adventure on the Baltic Sea. Ahoy!

Recipe for episode 5.

Flounder with Kołobrzeg cucumber on Polish runner beans with Polish chorizo.

Recipe for 1 serving.


  • Canola oil for frying,
  • 100g Polish "chorizo",
  • 180g white beans "duży jaś" (cooked),
  • 80g red beans,
  • 150ml brine,
  • A pinch of ground cumin,
  • 2 flounder fillets, skinless
  • 100ml brine,
  • 1 Kołobrzeg cucumber *sliced,
  • 20 and 15g butter,
  • 2g Hulled hemp seeds.


Heat up a little oil in a frying pan and fry the chorizo sausage cut into small strips until crispy. Add diced onion and glaze it. Add beans and fry for just a moment. Add brine and when it boils turn off the gas. Add cold butter and a pinch of cumin.

Fry the flounder in a small portion of hot oil for 1.5 minutes on one side and turn it over. Add the cucumber and pour in the brine. Again, when it boils, turn off the gas and add butter. Put the beans and sausage in a bowl, top it with fish and cucumber and sprinkle with hemp seeds.


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